Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Slacking

I've been slacking a bit with the blog posts as the year came to a close. That last month of school is like a whirlwind! I always get to the point when I'm cleaning up my class the day after school ends where I just want to shove things in drawers and worry about it in August. I hope I'm not the only one who does that :)

So now I'm in the summer school swing. Our summer school is four weeks long. I'm teaching one section of 7th grade World History (remedial). It's actually not as bad as it might sound. I have a very small class, only 10 kids. They are very calm and focused. They do things a bit slower than I'm used to with my 8th graders, but it's not a huge deal. Plus I get to sample a little World History in the process. I have the course set up so we focus on a different region of the world each week. The first week was Asia - Medieval China and Japan. This week is Africa - the Empires of Africa. We'll do a week on Mesoamerica and a week on Medieval Europa to wrap it up.

I'm always searching for some good videos to use with my summer school kids. I like to mix up the media a bit and not have it all be from the book. But finding a good video for these kids is a bit tricky. It can't be too long or dull. I might show them something from Crash Courses in History.


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